Virotek Biosciences is a Canadian innovative biotech company assembled by a world-class scientific and management team focused on providing medical professionals and consumers with quality and cost-effective on-site products for rapid diagnostics of existing and emerging infectious diseases.

About Us

Virotek Biosciences has developed a number of proprietary and validated platform technologies for the development and commercialization of innovative diagnostics solutions with high accuracy and affordable price for infectious diseases.
Virotek Biosciences’ team has decades of experience and infrastructure for antibody development for both diagnostic and therapeutic applications.
Virotek offers consumers, medical professionals, governments, companies and organizations cost effective, quick, accurate and effective solutions to diagnose any disease almost anywhere.
In response to the pandemic, Virtotek Biosciences team has developed a rapid At-Home antigen test based on saliva samples, marketed under CoviSafe™.
Virotek Biosciences
COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test
CoviSafe™ is a Lateral Flow Assay for the qualitative detection of the SARS-CoV-2 in saliva swab specimens from individuals who are suspected of COVID-19. It also enables individuals to test themselves anywhere and modify decisions/behaviour immediately following test results.
Features & Benefits
1-step procedure and easy-to-use
Uses saliva swabs for on-site self-testing
1-step procedure
>80% sensitivity and >95% specificity
Low cost
Results within 15 minutes
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CoviSafe™ At-Home Test
The CoviSafe™ antigen test is intended as At-Home (point-of-need) for routine testing to ensure public safety.

Open Swab package

Place Swab under tongue for 60 seconds

Place Swab in squeeze dropper and close cap

Squeeze 2 drops of saliva onto the cassette

Read result after 15 minutes



Additional Attributes 


the need for further testing/treatment in a clinical/pharmacy setting and private long-term care facilities


if patients are ready for release from quarantine


individuals entering:

• Manufacturing plants

• Mines

• Private venues or corporate offices

• Educational campuses and schools

• Hospitality and travel industries, including banquet halls, cruise ships and airports

• Event locations and recreational spaces


CoviSafe Sales Strategy


  • Partner with 3rd party with extensive collection site infrastructure for point-of-need testing. 

  • Direct marketing to employers and planned or spontaneous events, indoors or outdoors, with large crowds in attendance. 

  • Hire salesforce with base and commission pay structure.


  • Market through company website, social media. Outsource the e-commerce platform.   

  • Partner with 3rd party partners, such as Amazon and Shopify.

  • Introduce digital, app options for stringent 
    regulatory compliance.